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Partner With Genuin

We are thrilled that you want to partner with us as an Affiliate. Genuin is a software service used by local business all across the United States. Authentic SMS survey systems are rare and we are one of them. Businesses supply Genuin with their customer contact info and we text customers to ask for feedback through a short survey that is taken with their messaging application. Customers then respond with a rating and further information is asked for along with a review. Direct links to popular review sites are provided and customers leave a positive review for the business.

If reviews are negative, customers are encouraged to provide the business with helpful information as to what went wrong. This helps businesses to notice problems at the early stages and make the necessary changes to improve their overall business strategy and how they interact with their customers. Hundreds of businesses are seeing incredibly positive results from our system. Most businesses that work with us experience 40% response rate and of those responses 20% will leave a review Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List and industry specific sites. Increasing the amount of positive reviews your business has online has a tremendous impact on local SEO.

Affiliate Program Benefits

Now we want to partner with web masters like you to promote our business. Pricing for Genuin is simple. We offer three different plans Essential, Small Business and Professional. Plans are $30, $75 and $125 per month respectively. We also offer yearly plans to businesses which end up being slightly cheaper then a month to month plan. We see most of our customers switch to the yearly plan after the first few months of the service due to the results they see. Our Affiliate payouts are as follows. Essential monthly plan sign up will pay you $30. Small business plan sign up will pay you $75. Professional monthly plan sign up will pay you $125. If customer chooses to sign up for the yearly plan then you will be payed a 15% commission. This means that you will make $48.60 from a Essential yearly plan purchase, $117 from a small business yearly plan purchase, and $180 from a Professional yearly plan purchase.

Affiliate Program Rules

We have a few important rules to consider. First, we will supply you with approved images that you can use on your website. Second, you may not set up subdomains with Web 2.0 sites using our company name in them. Thirdly, you may not set up social media accounts using our company name in them. All sites participating in the program must have well established domains that follow Google’s guidelines. Lastly, affiliates will not be paid if customer signs up for free trial through one of our online lead programs and the tracking pixel will expire after 2 days.

We feel that our program is incredibly competitive and we are excited to be working with you. To sign up for our program please go here and apply. Again, we will only take sites that are focused around software as a service and other software related content. Small business blogs are also welcome as long as we deem it a fit.