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Google My Business

50% of mobile searchers who find a Google My Business (“GMB”) page will enquire with that business within a day of the search and 18% will then make a purchase.

Learn How Google My Business works

SEO & Google Reviews, a Perfect Match!

Google search results favor businesses who have invested time and resources into both SEO and Google reviews.

Paid ad results are displayed first. This kinda makes sense.

Then Google My Business locations are displayed next. Both reviews and SEO will affect where your business location is displayed.

Finally, organic, SEO driven results are displayed. If you are already paying for SEO we are not saying you should replace your SEO plan with a Genuin review plan. Genuin reviews are so economical they should be run side-by-side.

GMB – Your Most Important Website

If you are a service based business your Google My Business page will, in many cases, be your first website a potential customer will see.

Potential customers searching for service based businesses are typically familiar with the services being offered.

The most important information they are looking for is: 1) How close is your business; 2) what are your customers saying about you (the ever important Google reviews); 3) hours of operation; and 4) a contact phone number.

This information is all found on your Google My Business page and in many cases potenital customers will contact you from this information wihthout ever visiting your website.

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